Happy Taxpayer

Many of us are used to paying monthly subscription fees for content like films, series, audio books and music. But have you ever considered that the welfare state actually operates in a similar way? We pay taxes and tax-related fees each month in exchange for a selection of various public services.

According to a recent attitude survey, the majority of Finns are happy to pay taxes: as many as 96% of Finns agree that paying taxes is important in order to maintain our welfare state.

With the Happy Taxpayer campaign, we wish to highlight all the things that tax money makes possible. See what you get in return for your monthly fee!

A film poster depicting a face made out of various food items. The hair is made out of fusilli, the face is a fish steak with a slice of pepper for a mouth and the two halves of a boiled egg for eyes.
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Feeding happiness since 1948

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