Movie poster starring Diana Rantamäki.

We Know What You Did Last Pandemic – Someone Is Watching You

Someone Is Watching You

Starring Diana Rantamäki

A horror film about feeling unprepared as time seems to be moving way too fast. Diana is stuck at home living a boring life amid the pandemic. Until one day, she discovers she is pregnant with twins. She’s not even remotely prepared, she doesn’t have any of the things she’s going to need. And once the babies are born, she’ll be way too busy. Diana starts to feel like she is being watched. Then she finds something waiting for her on the stairs. And suddenly, there’s plenty of time. What on earth is happening to the new mother?

Maternity package

For the first months of their lives, most Finns sleep in a cardboard box donated by the government. Each pregnant mother or adoptive mother living in Finland receives a maternity package. The package contains products needed in taking care of a child, such as clothes, personal care items, towels, sheets, and a blanket – a total of 56 items in 2020! About 95% of first-time mothers choose the maternity package although they could also opt for an equivalent amount in cash.