A film poster depicting a woman and a man Nordic walking on a forest path in autumn.

Walk Match – You’ll never Nordic walk alone


Erkki is a widower whose daily routine turns upside down when he meets Marjatta on the municipality’s forest track. They have a lot in common, but can Erkki keep up with Marjatta? Romantic comedy.

A film poster depicting a woman who is dancing in an office hallway.

Jolly Good – One For All and All for One


Erica is trying to settle into her new life in the North, but things do not go as planned. When she faces injustice at the workplace, she must take a stand to defend her own rights, as well as those of her colleagues.

A film poster depicting a young woman doctor who is dressed in a white doctor’s coat. She is looking straight into the camera. – Top 10

Dear Doctor – When Sickness Doesn’t Come With a Cost


In this series, we follow a doctor who works at a health centre. She treats patients from all walks of life, all suffering from different ailments. There is one thing that unites them, though: affordable prices. Healthcare never costs an arm and a leg. Reality TV.

A young brown-haired woman with glasses is examining a piece of wood in a woodworking class. In the background, a young bearded man is looking at her.

Love Hammer – A crash course in the unexpected


Tired of city life, Lenita decides to move to the country. To get to know the locals, she enrolls in a woodworking class. However, woodturning quickly turns into something quite unexpected.

A film poster depicting a baby sleeping in a cardboard box. – Classics, Top 10

Goodnight – A box full of dreams


These babies fall asleep in cardboard boxes – and have the sweetest dreams. This relaxing mindfulness film about sleeping babies guarantees a good night’s sleep.

A film poster depicting an elderly woman who is facing the camera and giving the finger. She has short gray hair and she is wearing a black dress, sunglasses and a pearl necklace.

Cashflow – Living Your Best Life


A busy grandmother is finally free to do as she pleases. No more knitting or doing crosswords! Will her grandchildren see grannie at Christmas, or is she spending the holidays in Bali again?

A film poster depicting a man dressed in blue hiking clothes, standing with his back to the camera. He is standing on a rock, looking at the sun setting behind a fell.

Bushcraft – Finding Your Own Path


Fed up with his engineering job, Jonas leaves his old life behind and heads out to the wilderness to find himself. If only his soul-searching wasn't disturbed by all the other hikers...