Frequently asked questions

What is the Happy Taxpayer website? Read to find out – and if you still have questions, feel free to contact us. ​

What is  the Happy Taxpayer website?

The Happy Taxpayer website showcases the services and perks that people living in Finland are entitled to thanks to tax revenues.

Why was the website created?​

The idea for the website was sparked by the results of a survey that was commissioned by the Tax Administration. The survey showed that the 18 to 29 year olds who felt that they were adequately informed of the use of tax revenues and who felt that they benefited from taxes had a more positive attitude towards paying taxes.​

Which parties are responsible for the website?​

The website was created as part of the Tax Administration’s three-year project relating to the Government’s action programme to combat the shadow economy. The Tax Administration is in charge of the project in cooperation with the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment and the Finnish Centre for Pensions. ​

What is the purpose of the website?​

The aim of the project is to cultivate a positive attitude towards paying taxes and to reduce the shadow economy. The idea is to emphasise the building blocks of a fair and sustainable society: we are all working together to make this a good place to live and work in, for everyone.​

What has been done during the project?

Among other things, we have made videos on how tax revenues are used. The videos made by Pinkku Pinsku, Molybros, Sanni Oksanen, Diana Rantamäki, Dosdela and Joonas Pesonen have been viewed some 600,000 times in total on the influencers’ own channels and the Tax Administration’s channels. About 15,000 people have visited the site since it was launched. The marketing on Facebook and Instagram is conducted in 5 different languages and has reached 400,000 individuals in the target group so far.