Movie poster starring Joonas Pesonen.

Joonas in Manse – Permission to enjoy life

Permission to enjoy life

Starring Joonas Pesonen

Joonas Peso, a young taxpayer living in Tampere, has no problems coming up with ways to spend his free time. He takes the brand-new tram to the grand Metso library to explore new literary worlds. With the mind stimulated, it’s time to do something for the body, so Joonas heads to the public swimming pool. “Bonmorou” to every taxpayer from Finland’s Manchester!

Public transport

Public transport improves traffic within and between cities. Public transport offers people an easy and care-free way to travel without a car. Tax revenues are also invested in tracks and roads. And, thanks to tax revenues, we also have more affordable ticket prices. Investing in public transport plays a major role in reducing carbon dioxide emissions.